When you do an energy-efficiency retrofit on your building, you upgrade its energy-consuming systems. The retrofits we undertake will reduce your building’s operational costs – particularly if it is older – as well as help attract tenants and gain a market edgeOur company's goal is to maximize the comfort, safety, and durability of buildings while minimizing operating costs and environmental impact.

The following are the major energy consumption system in the building, in which we use our technical expertise to make building more energy efficient.

  • Space - Cooling
  • Space - Ventilation
  • HVAC - Condensate Drain Recovery
  • Hot Water System

Minor retrofits

With minor retrofits, you target "low-hanging fruit" – modifications that are low-cost, easy to implement and that offer good value for the money and effort invested.

This could include:

  • Scheduling HVAC Equipment.
  • Night Set back temperatures
  • Chiller Plant Manager
  • Condensate Drain Reclaim

Although they are relatively simple, these projects can make a big difference to your building’s energy consumption.

Major retrofits

With a major retrofit, you take a more holistic approach. Your retrofit could include:

  • Upgrading Control Valves of FAHU, AHU & FCU
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • Low Delta T Solution
  • Installing sub-metering
  • Hot water heat reclaim